Are users massively rolling back from Windows 11? For the first time, her share fell on Steam

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Steam monthly publishes user device statistics, including information about the shares of operating systems and their versions. So, in July, for the first time in the history of Steam, the share of Windows 11 users decreased by only 0.11%, but this is remarkable, because before it either constantly grew or remained approximately at the same level.

Among all versions of Windows, the share of only Windows 10 increased, and noticeably – by 1.91%. In other operating systems, macOS was down 0.71% overall, while Linux was up 0.05% in popularity, with Arch Linux (+0.04%) and Manjaro Linux (+0.02%) being the most used distributions. ).

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Steam statistics also showed other information about users’ computers:

  • the most popular amount of RAM is 16 GB (53.25%, + 2.43% per month);
  • the most popular drive size: from 250 to 499 GB (19.86%, -2.04% per month);
  • most popular display resolution: 1920×1080 pixels (67.10%, +0.38% monthly);
  • most popular number of processor cores: 6 (33.76%, +1.17% per month).

Source: Trash Box

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