Are you going to Montevideo for the Libertadores final? Enjoy and discover the city

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Montevideo, in Uruguay, will be the most talked about topic in the coming days. At least for those who love football. That’s because the city was chosen to host the finals of the Liberators of America, very important competitions in the sport, which have been taking place since the 20th and will continue until the 27th of November in the Uruguayan capital.

Brazilian teams are predominant in the search for titles: after Corinthians beat Santa Fé and won the tri-championship of the Libertadores Feminina, Palmeiras, from São Paulo, and Flamengo, from Rio de Janeiro, are playing this week in search of the cup.

For those who managed to plan and are already in town, take some time to enjoy it too. Check out below you tourist attractions that cannot be missed for those visiting Montevideo for the first time.

Independence Square

Praça da Independência is one of the most striking spots in Montevideo and says a lot about its history. It is located in the center and brings the symbolism of separating the “old” from the “new” city. Around it are located museums and important buildings, such as the Salvo Palace, which was considered the tallest tower in South America for many years.

The square also has a monument in honor of General José Gervasio Artigas, a Uruguayan hero who gave the country independence from Spain. His remains are in an underground mausoleum, located in the same space.

Porto Market

Every big city has its market, which brings together the main delicacies and products of the city. Montevideo has its own, but it’s a little different. The Mercado Del Porto was inaugurated in 1868 and is an almost obligatory point for tourists who pass by. A true gastronomic hub, full of restaurants, especially for enjoying traditional Uruguayan cuts of meat. The market brings a little of everything. Around it, craft stalls, wooden products and souvenirs to take home are found, in addition to the traditional leather jackets. It’s worth planning to have lunch there and take a walk around its surroundings. It is located in the so-called “old city”, close to the city center.

Centennial Stadium

If your trip was dedicated to football, as we mentioned at the beginning, the Centenário is certainly on your list of visits. Those who have guaranteed admission to the finals just have to wait for the day. That’s where the ball will roll and from there America’s new champion will emerge. For those who don’t have a ticket for the special date, there’s no problem: the stadium is open for visitation, it has a guided tour and a museum.

Built to host the 1930 World Cup final – won by Uruguay itself, it was named after the celebration of the hundredth year of the country’s Constitution. It has just undergone a renovation and is worth a visit! If you’re a football fan, it’s also worth visiting the Peñarol stadium, Campeón del Siglo, and the Nacional stadium, Gran Parque Central, traditional teams in the city.

Solis Theater

It does not go unnoticed by those walking through the center of Montevideo. Teatro Solis was inaugurated in 1856 and is one of the great architectural symbols of the city. Classic, elegant and imposing, it hosts guided tours and unmissable shows. It’s worth checking the schedule on the website and booking a night for the experience.

Rodo Park

If you can’t do without being surrounded by greenery, you can’t miss Parque Rodó – named after the Uruguayan writer José Enrique Rodó. Located in an upscale region of Montevideo, in the Punta Carretas neighborhood, it was built in 1889 and occupies an area of ​​85 hectares. Lake, sports courts, space to practice sports can be found there. When visiting the park, take the opportunity to enter the Montevideo Museum of Visual Arts, located around it.

Cassino Carrasco

As everyone knows, casinos are not allowed in Brazil. In Uruguay, however, they become one of the most visited spots by Brazilians, who will try their luck in several games. There are many scattered around the city, many in luxury hotels. This is the case of Casino Carrasco. Opened in 1921, it has more than 400 slot machines (also called slots) and other attractions. Enjoy, but of course, in moderation.


They say that Montevideo has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Whether it’s an exaggeration or not, everyone has their opinion. The fact is, if you go to town, you can’t help but enjoy it. And one of the most recommended points for this also has one of the most “unstampable” scenarios there. The Montevideo sign is about 15 meters long and two meters high and is located in the well-known neighborhood of Pocitos. The beach at the back and the privileged view guarantee great photos and make you prove with every letter that you are on Uruguayan soil.

Where to eat?

There are countless places to find typical Uruguayan foods, such as the traditional Chivito – filet mignon sandwich, which is made in different versions -, parrilladas, empanadas – Las Cibeles is said to be a must-see -, alfajor is very sweet. of milk, of course. There are places that escape the spotlight and that can still be unforgettable. The tip is to bet on the indications of those who have already been. Sometimes, a stall where you don’t bet anything has the best snack in town. Giuliana Nogueira wrote a story for the CNN Travel & Gastronomy with four restaurants for you to escape the classics. Read the full story at this link.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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