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Argentina: Brazilian diplomats meet with Milei’s campaign

Brazilian diplomats met last week with members of the campaign leadership of the opposition candidate for president of Argentina, Javier Milei.

Before the conversation with the campaign leadership, Brazilian diplomats had already met with Milei’s vice-candidate, Victoria Villarruel, and with Diana Mondino, likely chancellor in the event of Milei’s victory.

When contacted, Itamaraty reported that the Brazilian embassy in Buenos Aires “talks to everyone and at a high level in campaigns”.

Video: Debate between Milei and Massa is marked by an exchange of accusations: “thief” and “liar”

According to reports made to CNN the mediation of the meeting that took place last week was carried out by a regular interlocutor at the Brazilian Embassy in Buenos Aires, who passed on to the Brazilians the information that Milei’s controversial statements – such as that he intends to break relations with Brazil – would not be applied in practice.

Brazilian diplomats then said they would like to hear from Milei himself that the eventual break with Brazil was not for real. From then on, the meeting was scheduled.

In the conversation, according to reports given to CNN , Milei’s interlocutors said that Brazil is essential, and that it is a great partner and that, if Milei wins, he wants to have stable relations with the country. Regarding Milei’s statements in the campaign about Brazil, it was said that there are issues that need to be said in a presidential campaign.

The meeting also discussed the differences that Milei and those around him have in relation to the vision of Argentine foreign policy.

For them, they reported to the CNN Brazilian diplomats, the way Milei and Massa see the world and foreign trade are different. Milei recognizes Brazil’s weight, but does not want to see Argentina dependent on the Brazilian economy, while Massa would support an Argentine international insertion strategy that is more closely linked to Brazil.

Brazilian diplomats reported to CNN who were always open to talking to all poles of Argentine politics because that was precisely the instruction given by President Lula, especially Argentina. The reading is that bilateral relations between Brazil and Argentina are unavoidable and it is impossible to neglect them.

Source: CNN Brasil

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