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Argentina expels Brazilian who is linked to Ecuador's most wanted criminal

The Argentine government reported this Monday (13) that it had expelled a Brazilian and 11 other foreigners from its territory who were believed to be linked to Adolfo “Fito” Macías, the most wanted criminal in Ecuador.

Among the expelled foreigners are also a Colombian and ten Ecuadorians. According to Casa Rosada, they were discovered by the National Gendarmerie, one of Argentina's federal security forces.

“The illegal immigrants were discovered by the National Gendarmerie and were hiding inside a truck in the province of Córdoba,” said Argentine government spokesman Manuel Adorni.

Casa Rosada did not provide the name or fate of the expelled Brazilian. Questioned by CNN regarding the identity and destination of the deportee, in addition to whether there were contacts with Brazilian authorities regarding the case, the Argentine Ministry of Security has not yet commented.

According to Adorni, the expulsion “is part of the cleansing of narcoterrorism” that the Argentine government was carrying out.

In January, Macías' family members, who were also in Córdoba, were expelled from the country and sent to Ecuador. In April, Macías' lawyers, who according to the Argentine government had a criminal record related to arms trafficking, were also expelled.

José Adolfo Macías Villamar, known as “Fito”, is the leader of the criminal group Los Choneros, an Ecuadorian drug cartel and considered one of the most dangerous criminals in his country.

Fito, who is sentenced to 34 years in prison, escaped from the penitentiary where he was held in January, amid a wave of violence, which led Ecuador's President Daniel Noboa to declare a State of Emergency in the country.

Authorities blame the Los Choneros gang for extortion, murder and drug trafficking, in addition to controlling prisons in Ecuador.

Source: CNN Brasil

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