Argentina: Record 20,870 coronavirus cases and 163 deaths in 24 hours

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The confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 in Argentina the previous 24 hours amounted to 20.870, with this number being a record from the manifestation of the pandemic of the young coronavirus in the Latin American country, the Ministry of Health announced yesterday, Tuesday.

During the same period, authorities recorded 163 deaths of COVID-19 patients, raising the country’s pandemic rate to 56,634 deaths out of a total of 2,428,029 infections from March 2020.

In front of second wave of the pandemic Argentina’s Minister of Health, Carla Vicotti, said during a press conference that it was necessary to take more “intensive” measures, but “without affecting trade and production” and “education as little as possible”.

The government, according to AMPE, is preparing to impose new restrictive measures due to the alarming increase in the number of cases, the epidemiological situation requires “three weeks of greater effort” on the part of the citizens, the minister said.

In the immunization campaign, Argentina, with a population of 45 million has so far received some 7.2 million doses of vaccine, including more than 4 million doses of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, produced by the Gamaleya Institute, and doses of the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm, of the Indian vaccine Covishield and that of Anglo-Swedish AstraZeneca.

4.5 million doses of vaccine have been given to 3.7 million citizens, of whom about 700,000 have received both required.

The borders of Argentina is closed to foreign tourists, while the authorities have suspended passenger flights from countries where the epidemiological situation is considered more worrying (United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile…).

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