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Argentina says it is aware of 8/1 fugitives in the country

The Argentine government is aware of the presence in the country of Brazilians convicted or investigated for the attacks on the headquarters of the Three Powers of the Republic of Brazil on January 8, 2023, and said that if there is a request for extradition, it will analyze the cases.

The information was transmitted to the CNN by direct assistants to President Javier Milei. For now, no extradition request has been made to Argentina, but the Federal Police (PF) will suggest to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) that it begin the extradition process for the fugitives.

“We don’t want criminals in the country”, said an Argentine government source, pointing out that refuges must be denied to those convicted in the last instance and citing a distant example: “If a person murdered someone, we will extradite”

There are doubts, however, about how the Casa Rosada would behave in the face of a request for the extradition of Brazilians who fled to Argentina, as those investigated and convicted claim that there is political persecution in the country and that they are being victims of a process without legal guarantees.

In February, during a march in favor of former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in São Paulo, president Javier Milei republished a series of posts, including some that said there was a “dictatorship” and “authoritarianism” in Brazil.

This Tuesday (4), the Argentine Ministry of Security announced that it had withdrawn the refugee status of four members of the guerrilla organization Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP).

“The Argentine government, through the National Refugee Commission (Conare), decided to withdraw the refugee status of those people who are not here for political reasons, but who committed criminal acts in their countries,” said Minister Patricia Bullrich.

“This government has decided not to shelter terrorists who disguise themselves as political refugees”, he added.

Some of the Brazilians who are in Argentina, despite the restrictions imposed by the courts, asked for refuge with Conare, according to lawyer Ezequiel Silveira, from the Association of Families and Victims of January 8th, which defends those investigated and convicted of the attacks on the headquarters of powers. .

Silveira and lawyer Carolina Siebra, also from the association, were at Conare last week to “talk and show a little about what is happening and offer documents and subsidies” to assist in the process of people requesting refuge in the country.

In Argentina, the asylum request suspends the execution of extradition requests until the request is accepted or denied. If Argentina accepts, the extradition procedure is canceled and the refugee cannot be sent to his country of origin.

Refuge may be denied “when there are reasons to consider that the person has committed a crime against peace, war or humanity”. Also when “there are reasons to consider that the person has committed a serious common crime or acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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