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Argentine Chancellor calls Milei's diplomatic crisis with Spain an “anecdote”

After Spain announced the permanent withdrawal of its ambassador from Argentina, Javier Milei's Foreign Minister, Diana Mondino, called the diplomatic crisis between the countries an “anecdote”.

“Right now this is an anecdote we have with Spain,” said Mondino when asked about the conflict, at a congress of the Argentine Institute of Finance Executives this Tuesday (21).

For the Argentine chancellor, the recent crisis “is a very particular case” since according to her, “the personal relationship that may or may not exist between the leaders of a country cannot and should not affect the relationship between societies, the community”.

Mondino defined the importance of Spain for Argentina as “monumental”, but said it was an “internal” and “political” issue. “From a foreign relations point of view (…) it shouldn’t be something that affects the next 20 or 30 years,” he said.

“Spanish companies have a lot of activity [na Argentina]the Argentine community in Spain and the Spanish community in Argentina are huge”, argued Mondino about the ties between the countries.

The chancellor revealed that she was surprised by the European country's decision to definitively withdraw its ambassador, María Jesús Alonso Jiménez, from Buenos Aires.

The Spanish government's decision came after Milei called, last Sunday (19), the wife of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez “corrupt”. Begoña Gómez is being investigated for alleged influence peddling in bidding processes.

“It was a very lateral comment, in which no names were mentioned,” he said of the accusation, made by the Argentine president in Madrid, at a convention of Vox, a Spanish far-right party. “It was not a harm to Spain or even a harm to a person in Spain, but everyone interprets it as they want,” he said.

Spain demanded a public apology from Milei, but the Casa Rosada said it would not apologize, and that representatives of the European country were the ones who should retract the insults made to the Argentine president.

At the beginning of May, the Spanish Minister of Transport insinuated that the Argentine president had ingested drugs during the presidential campaign. The Argentine president also recalled, in different interviews, that Sánchez supported former candidate Sergio Massa in the presidential elections and that he did not call Milei to congratulate him on his victory.

Milei described the Spanish decision to permanently withdraw its ambassador to Argentina as “nonsense typical of a socialist” and said that Sánchez has an “inferiority complex” in relation to him.

The Argentine president also argues that he has been attacked by Spanish officials since the campaign.

The Casa Rosada says it does not intend, however, to remove its ambassador from Madrid.

Source: CNN Brasil

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