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Ariana Grande releases music video with Penn Badgley; see “the boy is mine”

Singer Ariana Grande released, this Friday morning (7), the video for “the boy is mine”, the third single from her latest North American album, “eternal sunshine”.

The video features actor Penn Badgley, known for starring in the series “You” and “Gossip Girl”, as well as Brandy & Monica, cited by Ariana as a direct inspiration for the song.

The voice of “Dangerous Woman” and “7 rings” defines the new single as a reinterpretation of “The Boys Is Mine”, a hit by Brandy & Monica released in 1998 that portrays their dispute over a man. In the song, Ariana talks about the love she feels for a guy who she believes was made for someone like her, as the lyrics of the almost three-minute song say.

In the clip, Ariana Grande plays Catwoman and chases a mayor played by Badgley. Brandy and Monica play news anchors.

see below Ariana Grande’s new video:

On Thursday (6), one day before the official release of the clip, Ariana Grande gave the first public performance of “the boy is mine”, on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. On the occasion, she wore a catwoman mask similar to the visual identity she adopted during the “Dangerous Woman” album era.

The performance, in fact, took place on the exact date of the 26th anniversary of the day that Brandy & Monica’s version reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100, the North American magazine’s main music chart. The song stayed in that position for thirteen weeks, which is still a record for all collaborations between women.

She had already performed the song at the Met Gala in May, but the performance was not broadcast live or made available on social media.

Watch the presentation in the video below:

Source: CNN Brasil

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