Aries and Jenny De Nucci, the story is over (with social announcement)

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The announcement of the breakup with the singer-songwriter Ariete arrives on social networks from the person concerned, Jenny De Nucci. The 1.3 million Instagram influencer and actress posted a pretty straightforward and straightforward story to ask fans for some privacy.

Arianna and I are no longer together – he wrote – I kindly ask you not to tag me anymore in any video or to tell me who you see her around or who you see under her stage. I’ve wanted to write it for a while but lately it’s becoming unmanageable to keep private as a thing so please respect this moment. Having been in a public relationship it felt right to me, even if I am against these things, to write a few lines about it. I will not make a tearjerking papyrus, we know you and I how it went and it is right that it remains private. Massimo Pericolo used to say, ‘Love each other in public immediately leave’ ».

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Ariete, name of Arianna Del Giaccio, did not comment on the statement of his ex. Just a month ago the two talked about their daily life to two a Vogue Italy and the singer-songwriter said: “I am happy because I am what I dreamed of being at twenty“. Currently engaged in Tour mirror until September 8, he just attended the free event LoveMi of Milan organized by Fedez. Last year just a Vanity Fair he had recounted the transition of his brother Gianmarco (nee Gaia), who confessed to be his great model of life. The artist is a very popular activist (473,000 followers on Instagram) and appreciated for her messages of inclusiveness. In the meantime Jenny De Nucci is committed as godmother of the Taormina Film Feston stage until 2 July in the splendid setting of the Sicilian town.

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