Aris Portosalte did not fall from the clouds with Meloni’s victory – “We have a woman in power who is not a thug”

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The victory of the extreme right in Italy and the rise of Georgia Meloni to power was commented on by Aris Portosalte on the “Today” show. As the journalist said, it did not fall from the clouds at all “since it was the only opposition and it represents the middle and lower strata of society”.

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“It’s the lady’s time” he continued and added: “We have a woman in power, who is not a thug. Kasidiaris is a thug, they are knife pullers. I don’t know if they are identical. We say “the monster of power has come”. First of all let me say that a woman came, she symbolizes a lot in a society. And Le Pen turned the violin afterwards […] In recent years, Meloni has not worn out, she embodies hope with a popular story” he said.

“Had extreme right in Greece in the 70s at 7%,” Mr. Portosalte told Akis Pavlopoulos, when the latter said he was impressed by the latest Pulse poll, where Elias Kasidiari’s party gathers 2%.

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Meloni has a populism, serves her fairy tale and is votedhe said. “We live in the age of capitalism. “Guardian article says that Putin is on the Titanic and sinking,” he said about the developments in Ukraine.

Source: News Beast

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