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Arisa to Le Iene: «Being good is not for losers»

«Up until the end, I thought I wouldn’t be able to be here, because I’m always a little ashamed of who I am and what I do. I asked myself: who will care about me, what I tell or what I feel?». Thus begins the monologue that Arise has chosen to share with great sincerity and love a Hyenas, during which she spoke of herself, of her being a woman and, above all, of the goodness that distinguishes her and that not everyone has fully understood. «Since I was a child I have been attracted to those who try to make others feel good. I dreamed of being bright like Pope John Paul II and singing songs like Heal the world from Michael Jacksonwhich incites each of us to make the world a better place for the entire human race,” explained Arisa.

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“When they told me I wouldn’t make it, I didn’t answer anything, I locked myself in my room to think harder, to concoct my light, and in the end I was able to really shine. And when I sing it’s always for peace and to spread love: I like people to feel accepted with my music,” said Arisa, currently in the cast of Friends in the role of professor. «Being good is not a religious precept or something for losers, but a conscious choice. And awareness is the sexiest thing there is. When someone hurts me, even if a tear stays inside me, I refuse to believe it’s done on purpose, by vocation. That’s why I push away, but I never hate, I always wonder why, even taking half the blame.”

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

And again: «All of us, for better or for worse, are the consequence of something or someone, it is understanding that makes the difference. Not me, I’m certainly not a saint, but I know the substance of my heart, and I’m sure I managed to become what I wanted to be as a child: a good person», continued Arisa before approaching the lock. «Always trying to do good, being proud of yourself, could be the key to happiness. There isn’t a gene that causes depression except the awareness of not doing everything in our power to live the best life we ​​can aspire to. It’s a long job, but it’s done. If I did it, you can do it too. Be good and happy.”


This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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