Armin Lasset announces change of leader and all CDU leadership

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The process of electing a new leadership of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) described on Thursday afternoon o Armin Lassett, without, however, clarifying his intentions.

In his statements to the press shortly after leak the news that he intends to resignMr Lassett said consultations at all levels would begin in the near future to decide in which direction the party should move.

According to him, should to change the head, vice-presidents and the entire federal presidency of the CDU, at the forthcoming Congress.

In the meantime, the causes of the electoral defeat will be examined. It is worth mentioning that the “loser” of the federal elections, speaking recently to the CDU / CSU Parliamentary Group, admitted that he made mistakes during the pre-election period.

The CDU leader stressed, however, that the Christian Union remains available to discuss a possible ruling coalition “Jamaica” (CDU / CSU, Greens, Liberals) “until the last second”, as broadcast by APE BPE.

He even added that “Jamaica” not will fail because of the faces.

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