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Artemis: NASA’s new giant rocket, the world’s most powerful, takes off for the Moon

With a deafening noise, NASA’s new giant rocket, the world’s most powerful, took off today from Florida headed for the Moonfor the first unmanned mission of Artemis, the US space agency’s new major program, 50 years after the Apollo program’s last mission to Earth’s satellite.

The rocket, named SLS (Space Launch System), was launched overnight at 01:47 (local time, 08:47 Greek time) from the Kennedy Space Center.

This was his third successful launch attempt, after two were aborted at the last minute in the summer due to technical problems, while two cyclones also delayed takeoff for weeks.

The Artemis 1 mission is set to last a total of 25 days and may encounter problems in various phases, but the first liftoff of this giant 98-meter-tall rocket, which took more than a decade to develop, now represents a major success for the NASA.

Source: News Beast

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