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Arthur do Val resigns as state deputy in SP

State deputy Arthur do Val announced, this Tuesday (20), his resignation from the mandate in the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo.

Check out the politician’s note on the decision:

“Without the mandate, the deputies will now be forced to discuss only my political rights and it will be clear that what they really want is to take me out of the next elections.

I am being the victim of an unfair and arbitrary process within Alesp. The broad right to defense was ignored by the deputies, who promote political persecution.

I will resign from my mandate out of respect for the 500,000 people from São Paulo who voted for me, so that they do not see their votes being subjugated by the Assembly. But don’t think that I gave up, I will continue to fight for my rights.”

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understand the case

Do Val went to Ukraine at the beginning of March to, according to him, “see what is happening ‘in loco’”, during the invasion of the country by Russian forces, led by President Vladimir Putin. Upon leaving the country, she sent voice messages to a private group in which she made sexist comments about Ukrainian refugees.

“It’s unbelievable how easy it is. These ‘mines’ in São Paulo if you say good morning they ‘would’ spit in your face. And here they are super friendly, super nice people. It’s unbelievable,” she said.

“Man, I’m ‘bad’. ‘I’m’ bad, ‘I’m’ bad. I passed it now… there are four customs barriers. There are two houses in each country. Bro, I swear to you. I counted: there were 12 goddess police officers. Goddesses, but goddesses, so you marry and so you do whatever she wants. I’m bad, man. So, I don’t even have words ‘to’ express. Four of those were ‘mines’, so you, like… bro, I don’t even know what to say. If she shits, you clean her ass with your tongue. As soon as this war is over I will come back here”, says the deputy in another voice message.

On Saturday (5), upon landing in Brazil, he acknowledged the veracity of the audios and apologized for the leaked contents.

“What I said was wrong, that’s not what I think. What I said was a mistake in a moment of excitement. For the love of God, people, the impression is that I got there and there were a lot of people and I said ‘who wants to come with me here, I’m going to buy something?’. That’s not it, nor could it. Even in the audios, in a jocular, informal way, I say that I didn’t have time to do anything at all. I don’t even have time to shower, I haven’t had a shower for three days,” he said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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