Co-founder of the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange Arthur Hayes believes that the possible approval of spot ETFs for ether is caused by the action of the banking lobby, and the participation of institutional investors is harmful to the crypto industry.

Arthur Hayes stressed that governments are under the complete control of bankers, and it should not be surprising that they could put pressure on the head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Gary Gensler.

“They want to control cryptocurrency just like any other asset, create an exchange-traded fund for everything that people can buy. Spot Ether ETFs are the next step,” Hayes said.

According to him, the presence of institutional funds and investors in the virtual asset market will ultimately lead to irreversible changes in the ecosystem of the first cryptocurrency.

Let us remind you that the SEC is scheduled to announce its decision on spot exchange-traded funds on May 23.

Earlier, Arthur Hayes said that the coming months will be the most successful for investing in cryptocurrencies, and in the fall the market will begin large-scale growth.