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Arthur Lira: “Petrobras has no social function, either privatizes or takes tougher measures”

Arthur Lira: “Petrobras has no social function, either privatizes or takes tougher measures”

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP/AL) stated, this Tuesday (27), that Petrobras does not have a social or structuring role, and that at the moment there are two paths: privatization or the application of more incisive measures in relation to to the pricing policy.

“Petrobras is a living and independent being (…) So on this track, we either privatize this company or take tougher measures, it is not taking care of your company’s name, why? Because all Petrobras wear and tear does not go to Petrobras,” Lira said in an interview with Rádio Bandeirantes.

Lira also pointed out that there is not enough time to vote on a privatization of Petrobras today, but a government proposal is possible to deal with the state-owned company’s shares, and lighten the burden for itself.

“The government can put in a bill or, in a quicker discussion, sell the shares it has in BNDES, around 14%. He would no longer be the majority, he would take the responsibility of Petrobras’ lack of sensitivity off his shoulders,” highlighted the parliamentarian.

The president of the Chamber has been critical of Petrobras due to the company’s lack of reaction in relation to the increase in fuel prices and the crisis in the market, since it has only been making profits.

“(…) It is not against Petrobras, it is against insensitivity, the lack of objective, the lack of investment. Petrobras today has no structuring bias for the country other than paying dividends to its investors,” he added.

Lira also defended that the new Minister of Mines and Energy, Adolfo Sachsida, would have a different view of Petrobras’ contribution. However, Congress is still waiting for a position from the Ministry of Economy on the possibility of a fuel subsidy that reaches categories that depend on it for services in the country.

“Congress has demanded from Minister Paulo Guedes a direct subsidy for diesel oil, for truck drivers, a direct subsidy for taxi drivers, Uber users and carriers, for this specific issue. It can be straight to the categories, because we don’t need it here, with all this issue of spending caps and fiscal responsibility, maybe we don’t have room to subsidize all fuels linearly for everyone”, said Arthur Lira.

Source: CNN Brasil



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