Artificial Intelligence is the culprit behind the pope’s fashionista outfit

Artificial Intelligence is the culprit behind the pope’s fashionista outfit

In not too distant times, images used to be presented as credible proof that something was real, but in this technological age, artificial intelligence (AI) has come in as a game changer, as now you can create almost any image to pass it off. for true.

This is how images of the top leader of the Catholic Church wearing a fashionista jacket began to circulate throughout the Internet, for which many users rushed to take the photos for real, demonstrating that we can easily be deceived with anything that they think of designing. with AI.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, but perhaps the laws that regulate all the tools that AI provides us have not even been thought of yet. Therefore, many people consider that it can be extremely dangerous.

Recently, false images of Pope Francis wearing a modern white jacket flooded the Internet, so many people took advantage of the moment to generate from a heated debate to great memes that will remain forever in our memories, because without a doubt the fashionista pope is a jewel that users of social networks enjoy too much.

Fortunately, it was later learned that the photos had been designed by the Midjourney platform, with a peculiar style that combines traditional and modern elements with a fun touch, hence they were both surprising and not very credible. In them it was possible to appreciate the Pope with different aspects, in addition to being surrounded by symbols and elements that are mixed between the representation of the Catholic Church with garments of modern culture.

Some experts advise looking carefully at the photographs that are being created with this platform, such as those of the arrest of Donald Trump or those in which Vladimir Putin supposedly appeared kneeling in front of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, so as not to fall into inaccuracies. But while new images appear to analyze, here we leave you some memes that arose from this funny situation.

1. The session with Bizza is good

2. And the one that sanctifies

— Lightning (@Raymundogava) March 25, 2023

3. Here I ask, who looks better?

4. Much better than any international model

For now, some find the possibility of playing with images to create situations that are only the product of imagination fun, but we do not doubt that in the near future, AI will reach such a development that it will be impossible for any of us to distinguish reality. of fiction.

Source: Okchicas