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Artificial tongue is created to detect and eliminate dental bacteria

Researchers have developed a artificial language what detects and eliminates quickly bacteria dental care, reducing the chance of infections and serious illnesses.

Nowadays, diagnosis is given by culture analysis and DNA testing, methods that are time-consuming and expensive . Delay in starting treatment for these diseases increases the mortality rate of bacterial infections caused by dental microorganisms. Artificial language is a more simple and cheap to the problem.

The technology had already been created but, in its previous version, the tongue only detected bacteria through the taste, imitating the mechanism of the real organ. The novelty that study published in the magazine American Chemical Society The main point is that, in addition to identifying bacteria, the tongue promotes the elimination of microorganisms.

Detection from colors

The researchers use a nanoscopic-scale particle in the chemical sensor that mimics natural enzymes, made from iron oxide particles and coated with DNA strands.

When hydrogen peroxide and a colorless indicator are added to the solution, distinct strands of DNA associate with different types of bacteria and are associated with color signals.

Quick diagnosis

Using the artificial tongue would help with oral illnesses, from halitosis to tooth decay, but also in preventing general health problems, as long-term dental infections can lead to potentially fatal illnesses such as endocarditis or brain abscesses.

The authors state that “the detection strategy is completed in 20 minutes, which is simple and fast, significantly increasing the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment. Positively, we anticipate that this work could open a new avenue for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of long-lasting infectious diseases.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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