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Artisanal panettone to buy online for Christmas 2023

From North to South, when it arrives Christmas there seems to be only one true King of the period: the panettone. Those artisanaltoday from also buy onlinehave become a real must on many occasions: breakfasts with friends, teas for greetings or a last-minute toast organized in the office just before the final goodbyes.

In short, this soft leavened product rich in butter (but also available lactose-free and gluten-free) is never missing from any table and in any moment of sharing. Of course, the usual diatribe between with or without candied fruit animates daily discussions, or almost so, but today there seem to be so many versions available that these options now seem to be almost out of use.

And among the best panettoni of 2023 – which we tasted one by one – there is no shortage of options that can also be purchased online, ideal for when you have little time available and need to be divided between gifts, wishlists and food. But they are also perfect for when you want to try something new and vary from the offerings of physical stores.

The best and tastiest panettone crafts to buy online for 2023? We found them and, what should not be underestimated, they can arrive at your home within a few hours (or little more).


Fiasconaro, Green Gold Panettone with Pistachio Cream

Those who have tried it say they can no longer do without it and the over 1000 positive reviews prove it. A true indulgence where the panettone covered with white chocolate is combined with a very sweet pistachio spread.


Fraccaro Pastry Shop, Classic Artisan Panettone

Made with sourdough, 36 hours of leavening and which traces tradition in every way thanks to candied fruit and raisins. Sometimes it’s better to be on the safe side and, to do so, this panettone is essential for us.

Treasures of the two Sicilies

Treasures of the Two Sicilies, pistachio panettone

Pistachio is now one of the absolute protagonists of desserts. An ingredient also present in this panettone where, together with other very high quality ingredients, it has given life to a tasty, soft and, above all, highly digestible panettone (according to those who have tried it).


Zaghis, traditional Panettone

The panettone could end in no time, but the tin box in which it is contained will certainly come in handy in future times. A small set perfect for representation gifts or to color the house while waiting to open it.


Eataly, Orange and Chocolate Panettone

The orange and chocolate combo is known for its deliciousness and in addition to the covered peels, typical of the period, why not try it in panettone too?! Here is a proposal from Eataly, which is completed thanks to the finishing with almond and hazelnut icing.

Caporaso since 1960

Caporaso since 1960, artisanal Panettone in a Christmas box

Not only to be enjoyed around the Christmas table, but also ideal as a gift. This box, in addition to an excellent artisanal panettone, also contains a limoncello and a delicious pistachio cream. The Christmas gift is also suitable in situations where confidence is low.


Vergani, pistachio and chocolate panettone

A dark mountain like dark chocolate, but which contains a heart of pistachio. A leavened product, similar to a brioche, which pampers those who taste it thanks to a completely new flavor and pieces of chocolate that melt in the mouth.


Flamigini, Panettone with Dark Chocolate Chips

Classic but not too much. A Venetian, version of panettone without candied fruit, with the addition of chocolate chips. To eat at Christmas, but also to enjoy for breakfast in the mornings to come with a hot cup of coffee or tea. A very sweet little cuddle.

T’a Milan

T’a Milano, Classic Panettone

A fragrant panettone made in the city of panettone excellence: Milan. Made with the ancient Alemagna pastry making technique: legend has it that, in fact, it was the Melegnano brand that presented panettone to the general public for the first time.


Cipriani, Panettone without candied fruit

A classic base, enclosed in a tin box with the iconic colors of the brand, but which is sold with a series of attached recipes, savory and sweet sauces, to make this dessert unique and even better. A note of merit goes to the artisanal manufacturing process which allows the dessert to be preserved for 6 months without the addition of any additives.


Bonci, Panbriacone Framework

No, we were not wrong. It doesn’t look like a panettone and it even has a different name from the Christmas dessert, but according to Bonci – the famous Roman pizza chef – this is his version of a must-have on Christmas tables. Soft as a cloud, with an irresistible sweetness, but with a strong and inebriating spirit of liquor: nomen omen.


Sciara, Pistachio Panettone and “Modica Chocolate PGI”

It is called “Le Specialità” and contains the mastery of the pastry artisans of the Sicily region. Here, the protagonist is not only pistachio but also Modica chocolate: the true flagship of the Ragusano area and known throughout the world.

Sal De Riso

Sal De Riso, Panettone Ricotta And Pears

Its desserts need no introduction and this panettone has nothing to envy of the more classic versions. A leavened product, in a Christmas version, which takes up one of the most iconic traditional recipes of all time: the ricotta and pear cake.

Source: Vanity Fair

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