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Artist Demi Lovato Claims She Was Raped As A Teenager

American singer Demi Lovato revealed in a documentary that she was raped as a teenager when she was a virgin filming for the Disney Channel. She made the remarks in a documentary film that opened the South By Southwest (SXSW) festival on Tuesday, March 16, 2021. Demi Lovato: Dance with the Devil, is a YouTube docuseries, focusing on his 2018 fentanyl overdose and struggle with addiction.

In this four-part series, she also reveals details about the sexual abuse she suffered, including during the night of her overdose. “I know what I’m about to say will shock. But when I was a teenager, I was in a similar situation … I lost my virginity in a rape, ”said Demi Lovato.

“My #MeToo story”

Now 28 years old, Demi Lovato does not give the name of her attacker, but specifies that the incident occurred when she was “a member of this Disney group”. She remembers being forced after being around her attacker “all the time” during the shooting. Calling the incident “my #MeToo story”, she says she denounced her attacker, who was nevertheless not worried.

Demi Lovato rose to fame as a result of the filmCamp Rock from Disney Channel, filmed when she was 15. In the documentary – starring music mogul Scooter Braun and actor Will Ferrell Elton John – Demi Lovato admits she couldn’t give up her addictions at once and that she occasionally smokes marijuana and drink alcohol in moderation. The South By Southwest festival ends on Saturday.

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