Artistic manifestations: where Brazilian culture begins and ends

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Brazil is a cultural mix that has from Eduardo Kobra to Tarsila do Amaral. From Zeca Baleiro, Ney Matogrosso and maestro João Carlos Martins to DJ 900, who sings funk.

The word culture is often used synonymously with erudition and refinement. Almost an alibi used by those who reject popular demonstrations.

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Discussing where culture begins and ends is the topic of Leandro Karnal’s conversation with guests in the new episode of “Universo Karnal”.

“There is a tendency on the part of the elites to only value high culture, and, on the other hand, when you create a nation, you have to invent a people – which is represented by what is popular”, explained Ruben Oliven, PhD in Sciences. from the University of London and professor at the Department of Anthropology at UFRGS.

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According to him, “Brazilian culture began to gain strength in the 1930s, when the idea of ​​Brazilianness was created. A culture suited to the tropics, a mestizo culture”.

Ney Matogrosso analyzes that the moment is different. “Music has one thing going for it: it goes through people, it enters our ears and it snatches or not. Culture is freedom, it’s free expression,” she said.

For Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho, PhD in Literature from the University of Passau (Germany), the common citizen, regardless of their profession, is as responsible, as a musician or painter, for the construction of culture.

“Our culture is also a reflection of social differences, ethnic differences, historical prejudices”, he evaluated.

To follow the entirety of the interviews, watch Universo Karnal. The program is shown every Saturday at 11 pm on CNN and on digital platforms.

Source: CNN Brasil

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