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Arturito, by chef Paola Carosella and Benny Goldenberg, changes address

Established for 15 years on Rua Artur de Azevedo, in Pinheiros, Arturito, a restaurant owned by partners Paola Carosella and Benny Goldenberg, changes address from March 26th to Rua Chabad integrated with Alameda Jardins, a high-end residential developed by Tishman Speyer, in the quadrangle formed with streets Oscar Freire, Melo Alves and Avenida Rebouças, in Jardins.

“For me, building a new restaurant is one of the challenges that I love so much, although the current version already fills me with pride. It’s a chance to write a new story, allowing us to present an Arturito that represents more of what Benny and I are today as restaurateurs”, says Paola.

The new space will be approximately 500 square meters, available to accommodate 80 seats, with architectural design under the responsibility of the Otavio de Sanctis office, in addition to landscaping designed by Luiz Carlos Orsini, one of those responsible for the landscape design of the Inhotim Institute, located in Brumadinho (MG).

Paola and Benny closely monitor the development of the entire project, which foresees the inclusion of new experiences for customers, such as a vegetable garden that will welcome you at the entrance of the establishment.

A pioneer in what is now known as “product cuisine”, the restaurant will continue to serve dishes based on the seasonality of fresh vegetables and herbs, always prioritizing the best ingredients from agroecological production and revisiting classic, elegant and timeless gastronomy recipes, such as salad waldorf with heart of palm, apple and grape; shrimp cocktail; devils on horseback (medjool dates, crispy pancetta and cayenne pepper); and fresh grilled fish with lemon hollandaise sauce, leek confit and hearts of palm. To sweeten, eclair with coffee diplomat cream and chocolate dip.

With the new home also comes a special coffee menu, with sweets and sandwiches, which will be available from 10am to 7pm.

To drink, a wine list prepared by the sommelier Bautista Casafus which mines labels focusing on organic, biodynamic and natural products from small producers, as well as classic cocktails.

Anyone who is very curious to see what the new house will be like can now check it out on Arturito's Instagram profile, where the chef shares videos describing her expectations, what inspired the new restaurant, as well as images and recordings of the work.

Source: CNN Brasil

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