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Asian cuisine is not all the same! Learn the difference between Korean, Taiwanese and Thai cuisine

Placing Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese and Thai cuisines within the same homogeneous melting pot is the same as saying that Minas Gerais cuisine is the same as Bahia cuisine just because they are geographically close. Can some ingredients be common? They can. This is the case with rice, which is the main element in all meals, in any of these countries.

But the way to use, combine, prepare and serve each ingredient makes all the difference, creating its own identity that becomes part of the culture of that people. Therefore, not looking at gastronomic differences not only deprives people of observing subtleties but also depriving themselves of the culture and history of each nation through taste.

Discover ways to better identify and enjoy the cuisine of some Asian countries.

Taiwanese cuisine

An independent nation, Taiwan has increasingly reaffirmed its unique identity through cuisine. In general, the flavors are rounder and smoother, combining sweet and savory delicately, with innovation and refinement.

Garlic, ginger and abundant chives form the aromatic base of the preparations. But the cinnamon, star anise and Sichuan pepper add a different touch to the seasoning mix that, unlike what happens in Thailand, does not abuse the pungency of the pepper.

Source: CNN Brasil

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