Asparagus: 5 recipes to enhance them

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Whether eaten raw or cooked, whole or in pieces, heavily seasoned or in a velvety, the asparagus they are always good. But always for real: it’s amazing how imaginatively they can be cooked day after day! We have selected for you the best 5 recipes to enhance them to the maximum, recipes that lend themselves to every variety of asparagus – from wild to white Cantello.

The asparagus in pastry they are extremely simple to prepare and will transform an appetizer or an aperitif into an unforgettable moment: very crunchy on the outside, wonderful to present, savory and buttery on the inside. Bet on pizza with asparagus and Parmesan if you want to take family and diners for the throat: hot and racy, fragrant, perfect for a change from traditional pizza on the weekend, elegant and gourmet if you want to amaze your guests. For lovers of first courses we wanted to vary from the usual risotto and propose the carbonara of asparagus and pancetta: the basic elements respected (keep a close eye on the bacon, or use the bacon!), but flavored with this spring vegetable.

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The combination with eggs is ideal, in fact we will let you find the single-portion version of asparagus and eggs, baked, for an exceptional second course. Finally, if you have never tasted them, make up for lost time and try the recipe for Spicy baked wild asparagus: an exceptional side dish, to be done in a few steps for maximum yield.

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