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Aspen Snowmass Guide: a complete itinerary to enjoy your ski vacation

Aspen Snowmass It's one of those places that makes it almost impossible not to fall in love. Not all destinations in the world have the soul that North American mountains have. The light atmosphere prevails in the streets of the villages, with all types of people, from all over the world, united by the joy of, once again, or perhaps for the first time, enjoying the snow vacation in the United States.

And when you look at the details, the region gains even more shine. To the eye, the beauty is in the white mountains, with trees and snow dividing the peaks that reach more than 3,500 meters in altitude .

In our ears, the highlight is a sound that is present everywhere: the sounds of ski boots on the asphalt and sidewalks while walking. Due to the rigid materials that protect the feet during the sport – and especially from the extreme cold – the shoes make a loud noise, which dictates the rhythm of the region.

Aspen Snowmass: One Destination, Four Mountains

Late afternoon in Snowmass village, in Aspen, United States

Aspen Snowmass is a favorite destination for Brazilians, but it does not have direct flights from Brazil. Therefore, a good alternative to start your trip is to make a stopover in Denver, the capital of the state of Colorado, enjoying its culture and gastronomy in one or two days.

After this possible strategic stop, just celebrate your arrival in the snow with a very quick flight to Aspen, which lasts around 30 minutes.

To start your journey through the ski resorts, you need to understand their geography. Aspen Snowmass is the name given to the four mountain complex , which, in total, has 2,500 hectares of land. The ski resorts are: Aspen Mountain , Snowmass , Buttermilk It is Aspen Highlands.

The village of Snowmass is at the left end of the map and at the opposite end is the village of Aspen Mountain. Both have a complete structure of hotels, bars, restaurants, shops and everything the traveler needs. To move between them, just a short 20-minute drive by car, passing, halfway through, the two other mountains – Highlands and Buttermilk –, which have skiable facilities, but not the villages at their feet.

Which village to stay in: Aspen Mountain or Snowmass?

This is the most asked question before heading to Aspen. After all, if there is a complete structure in both villages, how can the decision be made? The answer is: whatever!

The two villages are very complete and are close to each other, allowing comings and goings to expand the experience – the hotels themselves provide transfers between the mountains during the stay.

The tiebreaker may be ski level: if you are beginner or first-time skier, Snowmass it may be a more suitable base, since you are at the foot of this mountain that has easier slopes and structures for classes at the top. She also has the famous magic carpets, which are moving walkways in children's zones and training areas, where the incline is not so steep or long.

Already Aspen Mountain for example, is aimed at those who have more experience with more difficult tracks.

Where to stay in Aspen Snowmass?

Source: CNN Brasil

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