Assassination of Haitian president: US investigates possible American connection

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Their security and information services USA are investigating the possible connection of Americans with the assassination of its president Haiti Three sources told Reuters today that two Americans of Haitian descent had been arrested in connection with the attack.

Haitian police have released the names of two of his men James Solage, 35 years old and the Joseph Bensan, 55, who allegedly participated in the group of gunmen who broke into Moyes’ private home, killed the president and seriously injured his wife. This group also included 26 Colombians which, according to Colombian military sources, crossed into Haiti from neighboring Dominican Republic.

According to APE BPE, two law enforcement sources, who spoke anonymously because they are not allowed to make statements about ongoing investigations, said that the US authorities are considering perpetrators’ connections in the US. However, they refrained from making any specific comment about the two suspects.

The sources also said that the American services are not assisting in the investigations in Haiti because no such request has been requested from Port-au-Prince. A third source confirmed that the US intelligence services investigate the case.

It is pointed out that the Haitian authorities have not explained who it was motivation of Solage and Bensan, the two Haitian-Americans living in Florida, and why they joined Colombian mercenaries to assassinate the president.

On the Internet, however, Solaz introduced himself as “certified diplomatic agent” and former “chief of bodyguards” of the Canadian Embassy in Haiti. These CVs were on the website of a charity he had founded, but were removed on Thursday. Reuters has managed to locate the archived version that remains accessible.

The Miami Herald, citing an unnamed government official, wrote that about a decade ago, when Solaz was around 25, he worked briefly for a company that provided security services at the Canadian Embassy in Haiti. “We are aware of allegations of a man who worked briefly as a backup bodyguard in a security service” recruited by Canadian authorities in 2010, the official said.

According to public records, Solage, who has obtained US citizenship, lived in Tamarak of Florida, near Fort Lauderdale, and has no criminal record. He also had a firearms license.

In addition, Solaz had founded the THIS TIME JACMEL AVAN Inc, which appears on its website as a charity working to improve education in Haiti and fight child hunger.

For the second suspect, finally, Bensan, no more information has been known so far.

The United States is sending agents and vaccines to Haiti

According to another Reuters report, the United States will send federal security agents to the country as soon as possible to assist surveys for the assassination of President Jouvenel Moyes as well as vaccines for Covid-19.

Strengthening Haitian law enforcement agencies remains US priority, White House spokeswoman says Jen Psaki. The mission in Haiti will involve agents of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as it became known.

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