Assisted suicide: Mario will have to pay for the medicines

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He chose not to reveal his name. We know it as “Mario“. He is 44 years old, from the Marche region and since 2010 he has been quadriplegic after an accident. Mario is the first person in Italy to have obtained the right to medically assisted suicide. On this issue there is a sentence of the Constitutional Court that sets limits and indications, but there is no law and for this reason the State does not bear the costs of assistance at the end of life.

Mario will have to pay around 5 thousand euros. They are used to purchase the drug and infusion equipment. The Luca Coscioni Association explains: «In the absence of a law, the Italian State does not bear the costs of assisting assisted suicide. It does not dispense the drug, it does not provide the appropriate equipment and the doctor “.

The Association has launched a fundraiser to help Mario. In particular, an infusion tool is needed which costs € 4,147.50.


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«More than two and a half years after Constitutional Court ruling, in compliance with the constitutional judgment, the task of the National Health Service ends with the verification of the conditions and methods and the opinion of the Ethics Committee. Healthcare companies that respond, if they respond, over a very long time, ignoring the suffering of those who ask for access to legally assisted suicide in Italy ”said Marco Cappato and Filomena Gallo, treasurer and national secretary of the Luca Coscioni Association.

“The Parliament could find a solution, but the text is unsatisfactory and is covered up in the Senate. In order not to put the economic burden on Mario’s shoulders and, for the future, of the sick in his condition, we have therefore decided to become promoters of the collection of indispensable funds. We are thus exercising a real substitute for the inability of the Italian State to take charge of the right of its citizens not to suffer conditions of unbearable suffering against their will “, they conclude.

Among the referendums for which we vote this Sunday there is not the one onlegal euthanasia promoted by the Luca Coscioni Association. The Constitutional Court did not admit the question.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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