AstraZeneca confirms 100% protection against serious diseases in primary analysis of phase 3 trials

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AstraZeneca has confirmed 100% protection against serious illness, hospitalization and death in the primary analysis of phase 3 trials from the UK, Brazil and South Africa, according to a preliminary version of The Lancet.

Key details:

“The results showed a 76% vaccine efficacy (CI: 59% to 86%) after a first dose, with protection maintained until the second dose. With an interval between doses of 12 weeks or more, the efficacy of the vaccine increased to 82% (IC: 63% a 92%)”.

“The analysis also showed the potential of the vaccine to reduce asymptomatic transmission of the virus, based on weekly swabs obtained from volunteers in the UK trial ”.

“The data showed that positive CRP readings were reduced by 67% (CI: 49% to 78%) after a single dose and by 50% (CI: 38% to 59%) after the two dose, which supports a substantial impact on the transmission of the virus ”.

Among other vaccine developments for covid worldwide, it is expected that GlaxoSmithKline Y CureVac develop a series of mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 variants.

Meanwhile, Russian vaccine for coronavirus Sputnik V has been shown to be 92% effective in protecting people from developing COVID-19 symptomsaccording to a study that followed a phase 3 trial in Moscow hospitals and clinics.


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