Home Politics Asylum interdiction causes transfer of 60 elderly people in Minas Gerais

Asylum interdiction causes transfer of 60 elderly people in Minas Gerais

Asylum interdiction causes transfer of 60 elderly people in Minas Gerais

The Casa Lar Maria Balbina de Jesus asylum was banned by the Municipality of Contagem, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, last week. As a result, elderly people had to be transferred from the place.

The city hall claims that the transfer was determined due to the needs of restructuring the property that were not reviewed by the institution even after notes stipulated by a Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC) and an inspection by the National Health Surveillance Agency.

These adaptations would refer to the “restructuring of the property, involving habitability, accessibility, salubrity, predictability and safety”, according to the city hall.

The asylum made corrections, but not all of them within the deadline, which led to action by the Sanitary Surveillance.

With 25 employees, the site is a long-term shelter for the elderly and, according to the city hall, accommodates 58 elderly people. However, in a note published through social networks, the House states that it welcomes 60 people aged 60 or over.

Those welcomed were transferred to the Casa da Pessoa Idosa de Contagem, in the center of the city, which has a multidisciplinary and specialized team for care, as pointed out by the City Hall.

Through Instagram, the charity that maintains Casa Lar said that the irregularities are “absolutely lower than those pointed out” and do not impact on the quality of life, routine and well-being of the elderly.

The institution stated that “the unexpected and sudden decision to close the site, with the removal of the elderly, without any questioning or prior deliberation about the health condition of each of these people, demonstrates the Municipality’s disregard.”

Still in a note, Casa Lar said that a transfer schedule for the elderly was not established in a way that considered the particularity of each one and the health condition.

The asylum also stated that it must promote all the adaptations required for its operation.

Source: CNN Brasil



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