At 46.15% the percentage of Reggeborgh after the optional public offer

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At 46.15%, the percentage of the total paid-up capital of “Ellaktor” which is controlled by Reggeborgh, after the optional public proposal it submitted.

As stated in the relevant announcement:

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“1. Pursuant to Article 23 of Law 3461/2006 (the “Law”), the company under the name RB Ellaktor Holding BV (the “Offeror”), announces the results of the optional public offer (the “Public Offer”) which the Offeror submitted on 06.05.2022 (the “Public Offer Date”). The words and phrases as well as the combination of words and phrases with initial capital letters, the definition of which is given in the Prospectus (the “Prospectus”) drawn up by the Proposer, approved by the Board of Directors of the Capital Market Commission (the “EC”) on 23.06.2022 and published in accordance with the Law will have the same meaning when used in this announcement, unless otherwise defined herein or otherwise resulting from the context.

2. The Public Proposal was submitted to all the shareholders of the company “ELLAKTOR SA.” (the “Company”) who held common registered shares with voting rights of a nominal value of €0.04 each (the “Shares”) which on the Public Offer Date were not directly or indirectly held by the Offeror or Reggeborgh Invest BV, a person acting in coordination with the Proposer in accordance with article 2 (e) of the Law, on 06.05.2022, i.e. 241,916,230 Shares, which correspond to approximately 69.5% of the total paid-up share capital and voting rights of Company, for a price of EURO 1.75 per Share (the “Offered Consideration”).

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3. On 23.06.2022, the EC Board of Directors approved the Information Bulletin, in accordance with the provisions of article 11 par. 4 of the Law. The Acceptance Period (as defined in the Information Bulletin) lasted four weeks and two working days, starting on 24.06.2022 and ending on 26.07.2022. During the Acceptance Period 1,083 shareholders legally and validly accepted the Public Offer (the “Accepted Shareholders”), offering a total of 54,404,755 Shares, which correspond to 15.63% of the Company’s total paid-up share capital and voting rights ( the “Offered Shares”).

4. During the period between the Public Offer Date and the end of the Acceptance Period, the Offeror and Persons Acting in Concert with the Offeror (as defined in the Prospectus) have not acquired Shares other than the Offered Shares.

5. Therefore, upon completion of the acquisition of the Offered Shares, the Offeror and the Persons Acting in Coordination with the Offeror will hold a total of 160,680,530 Shares, which correspond to 46.15% of the total paid-up share capital and voting rights of Company. Additional Shares that may be acquired by the Offeror or the Persons Acting in Coordination with the Offeror after the end of the Acceptance Period and until the completion of the transfer of the Offered Shares are not included in this percentage”.

Source: Capital

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