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At an international symposium, the PF studies new technologies to fight crime

The Federal Police and intelligence agencies in Brazil are meeting this Wednesday (31st) and Thursday (1st) at the 5th International Security Symposium, in Brasília. The annual event presents technological solutions in the fight against crime.

The symposium promoted by the National Association of Federal Police Delegates (ADPF) brings together all PF superintendents in Brazil, intelligence chiefs of state civil police, state public security secretaries and members of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin).

“This symposium brings a central and essential theme for fighting organized crime, for acting in public security. Talking about public safety, without talking about technology, is not feasible, it is not possible. Nobody can imagine that we can act. Public security institutions, without this support, without this assistance, without using all the tools we have at our disposal today”, highlighted the general director of the PF, Andrei Rodrigues.

According to Rodrigues, the PF has more than 60,000 investigations in progress, with all inquiries digital. “The PF no longer works with paper inquiries for many years. The use of technology is in all areas, ”he reinforced.

The two-day seminar brings together stands from technology companies that present research solutions and software. The PF analyzes, studies and decides to implement or not. At the opening of the event, the Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, said that he will support the PF in whatever it takes to invest in technology.

According to the director of the PF, the use of technology helps in the fight against financial crimes, sexual abuse of children, fighting corruption, money laundering and monitoring networks. On the environmental issue, there is a software study to expand the areas monitored by satellites in deforestation regions.

In addition to Andrei Rodrigues and Flávio Dino, the president of the ADPF, Luciano Leiro, the vice president of the entity, Allan Dias, and the security secretary of the DF, Sandro Avelar, who is also a PF delegate, participated in the opening of the event.

Source: CNN Brasil

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