At € 681 million the total added value of the HERACLES Group in the Greek economy in the three years 2018-2020

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The value it adds to Greece in socio-economic level was captured for the first time by the HERACLES Group in the Exhibition entitled “Priority in society”, which is based on a study implemented by the Department of Climate Change and Sustainable Development of EY Greece.

The results of the study verified both the size and the position of the HERACLES Group in the construction materials market, as well as its decisive role in the construction sector. In addition, his high performance and his steady contribution to the creation of added value, employment and upgrading of local communities were highlighted.

In particular, during the three years 2018-2020 the total contribution of the HERACLES Group to value added for the Greek economy was estimated at 681 million Euros, with the average corresponding to 0.13% of the country’s GDP. Respectively, its total contribution to the state tax revenues of the state amounts to 222 million Euros, with the average corresponding to 0.10% of the tax revenues of the Greek state.

In addition, for every 1 Euro of direct added value of the Group on average per year, an additional 3.5 Euros are created in the Greek economy, thus highlighting that the dynamics of the Group is such that its turnover more than triples the value generated.

At the same time, the HERACLES Group contributed significantly to employment by offering an average of 6,537 full-time jobs, which correspond to 0.02% of total employment in Greece. It is worth noting that for every 1 job, an average of 7 additional jobs are supported annually in the wider economy. Also, the activity of the Group is supported by the income of more than 15,000 citizens on average per year.

Inspired by the man himself and the principles he consistently stands for, the HERACLES Group continues to create value for children, young people, socially vulnerable groups, society as a whole and to stand by them, in their every dream, to be with them in every feat. Through the multifaceted program of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Group, it supported in practice 130 bodies and implemented more than 210 social responsibility actions.

Mr. Dimitris Chanis, CEO of HERACLES Group, stated in this regard “The data reflected in the study of EV prove that at HERACLES Group our constant priority is to constantly improve our performance, while taking care of the environment, people and societies Our strategy and business steps are fully in line with our vision for a better and more sustainable future. Each of us, the people of the HERACLES Group, is committed to and in the next three years we will have to demonstrate “projects” that will contribute positively to the country’s economy and will “build” added value for Greek society “.


Source From: Capital

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