At last! Men react to the dry mascara trend and the result is a jewel

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You are surely familiar with the new trend on social media about dry mascara, unless Telmex has cut off your internet for a whole month or you live in a closet like Harry Potter. Be that as it may, don’t worry, we understand that sometimes it is difficult to keep track of so much media content. In addition, it is increasingly common for this to come from TikTok, a platform that many people refuse to download (older people, mainly).

To contextualize, the trend of these memes was born when a user of TikTok She used the mascara analogy to explain that she felt lucky in their relationship, but suddenly the magic ran out, so she was considering starting to try other brands.


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It was the first one that best highlighted my eyelashes and with which I felt luckier every day to have it. I completely gave myself over to it and clung to the idea that it was the perfect mascara for me. But over time, he deteriorated and got weird. I figured the mascara ran out. Everyone says try another brand.

Without knowing it, this girl would start a pitched battle between men and women because other users began to use the makeup comparison to expose their ex-partners. And, as you can imagine, dry mascaras didn’t hold up, so they created their own analogy to counterattack, since always felt, never “nonsense.” Although perhaps we understand them slightly, as the examples became more and more personal.

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Men Strike Back At Mascara Memes With Cap Analogy

Don’t go around sharing mascara because then you get infections.

This is how the comparison between women and caps was born, which basically works the same as eyelash makeup, but now “cap” is synonymous with girlfriend or ex-girlfriend. This was quite funny for the female sector because for several weeks, the boys were not understanding anything at all and when the light came on, they said “well, not my heaven” and got to work to return the offenses.

Men Strike Back At Mascara Memes With Cap Analogy

Here are the best memes and reactions that emerged from this hilarious battle of the sexes.






Source: Okchicas

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