At least 16 people have been killed in floods in China

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The death toll from the “extremely serious” reached 16 floods in China, as Chinese President Xi Jinping has admitted.

China is facing torrential rains, while most of the people who lost their lives were in the subway of a large city in the central, broadcasts APE – BPE.

According to images transmitted by the Xinhua agency, passengers on a subway train in the city of Chengdu were trapped in a wagon while the water level was rising. Outside the window the water was flowing on the subway rails.

Many of the trapped appealed for help on social media, according to screenshots posted and the announcement of the fire department of Henan Province, whose capital is Chenshou, a city of 10 million inhabitants.

One of the passengers wrote on the Weibo website that rescuers opened the roof of the wagon in order to save the passengers. Other images show a passenger sitting on the roof of a wagon, which is half submerged in water.

Chenzhou residents were worried about the fate of their relatives: “Is the first floor of the houses in danger? “My parents live on the first floor, but I can not communicate with them,” wrote a Weibo user. “I’m very worried”.

President Xi called for mobilization to deal with the floods.

“Dams have broken, causing serious injuries, deaths and damage. The situation due to the floods is extremely serious “, he stressed, as broadcast by the Chinese state television CCTV.

The army has sent reinforcements to the city of Chenzhou where in three days it has rained, which is usually recorded within a year.

As of this morning, at least 200,000 residents of the city have been forced to flee their homes, the city council said, adding that 36,000 were “affected” by the floods.

The city “faced a series of storms of rare severity, which caused water to collect in the Chengdu metro,” local authorities said on Weibo, adding that 12 people were killed and five others were injured.

The city has been put on red alert, the highest level.

CCTV broadcast images of streets flooded by a river of dirty water and residents up to their knees pushing their cars on flooded roads.

Today, the rains also caused landslides in the neighboring city of Gongyi. Houses and walls collapsed, according to Xinhua, which reported that four people had been killed.

Dam is in danger of collapsing

In Henan Province, near the old capital Luoyang, a dam is in danger of breaking, the army said after a 20-meter fault appeared. About 7 million people live in this city west of Chengdu.

The Yethan Dam “could be broken at any time,” the military said.

Soldiers have been deployed along the province’s rivers to place sandbags on their banks to prevent them from overflowing.

According to the Chinese authorities, the rainfall in the area is the heaviest recorded in 60 years, since records of meteorological phenomena are kept.

Floods are common in China during the summer. In 1998, many thousands of people lost their lives in the areas along the Yangtze River.

Chenzhou as well as Luoyang are located near the Yellow River, which overflowed the deadliest floods in China’s history.

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