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At least 217 humanitarian aid trucks crossed Rafah, says US State Department

Some 217 aid trucks have reached Gaza through the Rafah crossing since October 21 — the first day the border with Egypt was opened during the conflict — according to the US State Department.

“We expect today’s number to exceed yesterday’s number, just as yesterday’s number exceeds the previous day’s number, as we continue to increase deliveries to Gaza,” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said. this Wednesday (1st).

On Tuesday (31), 59 trucks crossed the pass, according to Miller.

The most recent humanitarian aid shipments included “water, food and medical equipment,” according to a spokesperson for the Coordinator of Israel Government Activities in the Territories.

The Israeli government has not allowed vital fuel supplies to Gaza, citing the risk that the fuel could be diverted by the radical Islamic group Hamas.

Several aid agencies and world leaders have called for more aid to be authorized for Gaza as conditions there worsen.

Source: CNN Brasil

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