At least 3 dead after “historic” torrential rains in China

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At least three people were killed today in China after the “historic” torrential rains in the central part of the country, which have paralyzed a provincial capital and resulted in flooding its subway at rush hour, according to media reports.

Chenzhou, a huge metropolis located 700 kilometers southwest of Beijing, was put on red alert today due to heavy rains in Henan Province, where it belongs.

The state television network CCTV broadcast images showing the streets of the city flooded with mud torrents, while residents, with the water reaching their knees, push their vehicles on flooded highways.

Chenzhou Meteorological Service spoke of the heaviest rainfall in a day since records began 60 years ago.

Videos posted on social media show water-shoulder users on a subway train in Chenzhou. Some have climbed on the seats to be saved. In another video, rescuers remove passengers in the dark.

The French agency can not verify the authenticity of these images, which are broadcast by Chinese media.

According to Laiki Imerisia, the rains caused the collapse of houses. At least one person was killed and two others are missing.

In addition, local media reported the death of two more people, after a wall collapsed.

At present, the authorities have not published an official report on the bad weather.

More than 10,000 people have been evacuated as a precaution in recent days, Henan local authorities said today, estimating the damage earlier in the multi-million euro.

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