At least 33 countries allow entry of refugees from Ukraine

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At least 33 countries are allowing people fleeing war in Ukraine to enter. The first shelter demonstration came from the European Union, a bloc that brings together 27 member countries able to receive refugees. It is not yet clear how long the European alliance will issue the entry permit, but there will be opportunities for employment, housing and medical care.

According to an exclusive survey by the CNN Agencyin addition to the member countries, another six announced the entry, they are: Brazil, United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Australia.

Brazil published on Thursday (3), in the Official Gazette, the ordinance that provides for a humanitarian visa for 180 days, with the possibility of requesting residence for an indefinite period. Immigrants will also be able to work, under the terms of current legislation.

The United States on Thursday announced the issuance of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for 18 months for anyone who entered the country by March 1.

Canada so far was the only country that reported that it would have no limit on how many people could apply for the visa, in addition to informing the possibility of residence for more than two years.

The United Kingdom, which officially left the European Union on January 1, 2021, did not authorize visas for any immigrant, but rather for parents, siblings, children and grandparents of Ukrainian residents in the UK to find their families.

The United Arab Emirates had initially suspended the entry of Ukrainians, but after criticism from Middle Eastern allies, they decided to backtrack and announce that the refugees would be eligible for visas.

Finally, Australia disclosed that it has analyzed “hundreds” of visa applications in recent days. Ukrainian residents who already lived in the country and who were close to having their visa expired will be granted an automatic extension of another six months.

The United Nations (UN) reported that more than 1 million people have already left Ukraine.

Refugees leave Ukraine


Source: CNN Brasil

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