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At least seven dead in Bangladesh since the passage of Cyclone Midili

At least seven people died in the Bangladesh from Cyclone Midili. Accompanied by heavy rains and strong winds, the cyclone, which arrived in this Southeast Asian country on Friday afternoon, left behind massive destruction.

Four members of a family were killed when their brick house collapsed in a community located 400 kilometers southeast of the capital. Three people died from falling trees in Chattogram and Tangail districts.

The cyclone caused damage to crops located in coastal areaswhere tens of thousands of residents rushed to shelters to protect themselves. Power poles were destroyed resulting in several areas being left without electricity.

Fears are being expressed for the fate of around 300 fishermen, who were aboard 25 trawlers that did not make it back before Cyclone Midili began to sweep off the coast of Bangladesh. The fishermen are believed to have sought refuge in the Sundorbon mangrove forest area in the Bay of Bengal.

Source: News Beast

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