At Strawberry Cafe in Jakarta, Indonesia,… customers play Squid Game

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A coffee, the Strawberry Cafe in Jakarta of Indonesia hopes to recover from financial crisis due to coronavirus pandemic by recreating some of the games in the TV series Squid Game of South Korea in his space.

In a dark room with neon lights, guests face the staff dressed as the ominous guards in hoods and masks in the nine-episode thriller, holding toy guns and leading them to the end of the playground where “red light, green light ”and the game begins.

Customers rush into the room and then freeze to the sound of Korean commands, fully immersed in the game, even though the winners go home without prizes.

“Not all cafes would imitate it. I think it is unique and exciting, so that everyone can feel how tense his show is Squid Game“, Said the 16-year-old student Jennifer Susado in the Reuters, after he failed to finish the game.

Every day, more than 200 customers come to Cafe Strawberry, to be tested on the toys brought there by the owners from the series Netflix (NFLX.O). Others of course visit it just for a photo with the waiters who, wearing the famous red costumes of the guards, wander around with trays serving the cookies to the customers. dalgona.

The move has helped triple coffee profits in the week since it started racing and testing.

“Before that, and during the pandemic period, our income fell sharply. However, after the relaxation of the measures, our sales started to recover and increase slightly “, said the Putra Priyadi, 39 years old, owner of the cafe and added: “But since we started the press activities Squid Game“Our customer base and the store ‘s revenue increased significantly immediately.”

The dystopian drama «Squid Game», in which cash contestants play children’s toys with deadly consequences in an effort to win $ 38 million are particularly popular in Indonesia, where Korean dramas and Korean movies already have large audiences.

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