At UN, Ukraine says Russia committed nuclear terrorism at Zaporizhzhia plant

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Speaking at the United Nations Security Council meeting on Friday, Ukraine’s ambassador Sergyi Kyslytya said Russia committed “nuclear terrorism” by taking over the Zaporizhzhia plant.

“Yesterday an act of nuclear terrorism was committed when the plant was taken over,” said the ambassador.

Kyslytya said there were casualties among officials trying to defend the site and that it was not possible to change shifts. In addition, the telephone network would be interrupted and buildings damaged.

“Power generation unit 1 is stopped, part of the building is damaged. Units 2 and 3 are disconnected from the array and cooling is being conducted. Unit 4 produces power and Unit 5 and 6 are paused. Ukraine’s atomic energy survey body did not have access to the plant,” he said, adding that even so, there was no change in the radiation level at the site.

He asked the international community for “a worthy response” to the Russian attack, being “disappointed” with the reaction of the international atomic energy agency. He also stated that the “bombing of Zaporizhzhia is a breach of the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.”

Calling for the withdrawal of the Russians from international organizations, he concluded by saying that “hThere is a group among us that does nothing. Act now, or it may be too late. Not just for Ukraine, but for everyone.”

“The people of Ukraine are doing more than they can do, paying the full price, including with their lives,” the ambassador said.

understand the conflict

After months of military escalation and intemperance on the Ukrainian border, Russia attacked the Eastern European country. At dawn this Thursday (24), Russian forces began to bomb several regions of the country – follow the repercussion live on CNN.

Hours earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized a “special military operation” in the Donbas region (eastern Ukraine, where the breakaway regions of Luhansk and Donetsk are located, which he recognized as independent).

What followed, however, was an attack on almost the entire Ukrainian territory, with explosions in several cities, including the capital Kiev. According to Ukrainian officials, dozens of deaths have been confirmed in the armies of both countries.

In his speech before the attack, Putin justified the action by saying that Russia could not “tolerate threats from Ukraine”. Putin urged Ukrainian soldiers to “put down your weapons and go home”. The Russian leader further stated that he will not accept any kind of foreign interference.

Russia has been tightening its military grip around Ukraine for the past year, amassing tens of thousands of troops, equipment and artillery at the country’s gates. In recent weeks, diplomatic efforts to defuse tensions have been unsuccessful.

The escalation in the years-long conflict between Russia and Ukraine has set off the continent’s biggest security crisis since the Cold War, raising the specter of a dangerous confrontation between Western powers and Moscow.

Source: CNN Brasil

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