Ath. Plevris: The 18 vacant ICU beds in Papanikolaou are very false

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To download the post for the 18 ICU beds of the Papanikolaou hospital in Thessaloniki or to visit it with him, to see that there are patients who are treated there, the leader of the official opposition Alexis Tsipras called the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris. “Very falsely” says Mr. Tsipras that there are 18 ICU beds that do not work, said Mr. Plevris from the floor of Parliament, commenting on Mr. Tsipras’ post on twitter in which he stated: “I visited Ippokratio where 4 of our fellow citizens are “Intubated outside the ICU. Next to Papanikolaou, 18 ICU beds donated to the NSS do not work due to lack of staff. The government has abandoned us to our fate. If they can not, they can leave to save as many lives as possible.”

As Mr. Plevris noted, there are also photos. Nine of our fellow citizens are being treated in beds that are supposed to not work. The difference, the minister added, is that these beds are for “clean” occasions at the moment, by design. Not for covid. Therefore they can not be 100% complete, because you can not put covid incidents, where you have clear incidents. According to the plan, the Minister of Health pointed out, adjustments can be made, covid incidents can be included and the clean incidents can be transferred elsewhere.

On the occasion of Mr. Tsipras’ visit to Ippokratio in Thessaloniki, he said that the numbers for ICU beds are “relentless”: Ippokratio had 8 ICU beds with Mr. Tsipras as Prime Minister. Today, when the former prime minister visited -after on duty and with overworked staff- he saw 30 ICU beds and 8 MAF beds. That is, the 8 beds have been made by the Mitsotakis government, said Mr. Plevris and continued: In Papanikolaou, Mr. Tsipras had 20 ICU beds and today there are 46 ICU beds. How did he see the people of the hospitals when he had less than half of the ICU and MATH beds, and why did he refer to a hospital (Papanikolaou) that he did not visit? Mr. Plevris wondered.

I wish Mr. Tsipras, the struggle he makes with the visits, did it to convince our fellow citizens to be vaccinated, to be protected, and not to be in an ICU bed, said Mr. Plevris. He even assured that the leadership of the Ministry of Health, together with doctors and nurses, will do everything humanly possible, so that, having more than doubled the ICU beds, “everyone should have an ICU bed, everyone should have the appropriate treatment, even when they have done And at some point, Mr. Tsipras to do his self-criticism, that (during his rule) 40 and 50 people, without the pandemic, were waiting for ICU beds, which he did not add. hospitals to have the courage to say: How many ICU beds did we have in 2019 and how many today? Because Mr. Tsipras’s populism has surpassed himself “concluded Mr. Plevris.

SYRIZA: To answer to Mrs. Gaga

“Instead of the Minister going crazy in Parliament” it is not the job of the government to convince the vaccinated “, Mr. Plevris, it would be good to respond to the very statements of his Deputy Minister” SYRIZA demands with an announcement-response to the Minister of Health .

In the same context, Koumoundourou points out:

Ms. Gaga admitted, two years after the outbreak of the pandemic, that “in a little while we will choose whether to treat a patient with coronavirus or stroke” and that we do not lack the infrastructure in the ICU, but “we have neither more nursing nor medical staff”.

So, at a time when dozens of patients are being treated again and some are losing their lives outside the ICU, Mr. Plevris would do well to apologize rather than wave his finger.

To hire medical staff even now, and not to play the musical chairs with exhausted health staff and keeping ICU beds closed due to lack of staff in Thessaloniki and throughout the country.

But who lost the shame for Mr. Plevris to find it? “Incompetent, a liar, but also dangerous, the longer he remains in the post of Minister of Health, in the midst of a pandemic, the greater will be the risk to public health and human life.”


Source From: Capital

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