Attack in Copenhagen: Chilling images of the attacker in the mall

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The images that have come to light after the attack of a young man in a shopping center in Copenhagen are shocking. The rifle-wielding gunman killed three people and wounded several others.

The police arrested the suspect, a 22-year-old Dane. The young man was arrested without resistance after police arrived at the Fields department store, about halfway from the center of the Danish capital to its airport.

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In the images published by Daily Mail the perpetrator is seen with his gun chasing his victims in the mall.

The motive of the attacker remains unknown at this stage. According to Mr Thomassen, the 22-year-old was known to the police, but “peripherally”. “He’s not someone we particularly knew,” he said.

The victims are a 40-year-old man and two youths, whose ages were not specified. No other information was given about the dead.

Police are however investigating videos uploaded to social networking sites and they depict the suspect with weapons and in one case pointing a barrel at his head, raising questions about his mental health.

Source: News Beast

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