Attack on Norway: The killing of five people with a sharp weapon and not a bow

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They were killed by blows with a sharp weapon and not with a bow the five victims of last week’s attack in Norway, according to a police announcement, today Monday (18/10). According to what was announced, the perpetrator lost or threw his bow and arrows, during his deadly journey, broadcasts APE-MPE.

“At some point, he got rid of or lost his bow and arrow.” said Inspector Per Thomas Omholt, describing how the attack unfolded during a press conference.

“. Killed five people with a sharp gun in either private or public places,” police said.

Armed with two other weapons besides the bow

Police, who have so far reported that the suspect Espen Andersen Broten during the attack armed with a bow and arrow, as with two other weapons, he had not clarified the nature of these weapons for research purposes.

“Everything shows that he chose his victims by chance,” Per Thomas Omholt assured.

According to police, Broten targeted more than 12 people with the bow, just started his attack, but no one was killed by this weapon.

The 37-year-old Dane, against whom there are suspicions of Islamist radicalization, confessed to killing five people and injuring three others in an attack last Wednesday in Kongsberg, a town in southeastern Norway.

“In terms of his motivation, (mental) illness remains the most basic scenario. “As for his conversion to Islam, this scenario has been weakened.”

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