Attack with dead policeman near Paris: The perpetrator shouted “Allah Akbar”

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“Allah Akbar” was shouted at the time of the attack perpetrator who stabbed and killed a police officer at the entrance to a police station in Rambouillet, near Paris, according to eyewitnesses and a police source.

The investigation of the case has been undertaken by the anti-terrorist prosecutor, as broadcast by APE-MPE. Its leader, Jean-François Richard, who rushed to the scene, said that his service undertook the investigation mainly because of the way the Tunisian perpetrator acted, the fact that the victim was a police officer “but also because of what the perpetrator said during the commission “of the murder.

According to a source in the prosecution, the Tunisian had conducted a “reconnaissance” search of the area before attacking the police officer. “France has lost one of its daily heroines in a barbaric act of endless cowardice,” said French Prime Minister Jean-Castex.

The woman was stabbed in the neck, two security sources said. The perpetrator was shot and killed by police. A third source said that the man was a legal immigrant in France and was not known to the security services until today.

Today’s attack came six months after a Chechen teenager beheaded a teacher in Conflan, a suburb of Paris, for allegedly showing his students sketches of the Prophet Muhammad in a freedom of expression class.

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