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Attacks on women with needles arise in bars in Spain; police are already investigating

Attacks on women with needles arise in bars in Spain;  police are already investigating

Dozens of complaints from women are investigated in Spain because they have been attacked with needles during parties, festivals or meetings, a situation that has concerned the Minister of Justice Pilar Llop, since these incidents are considered serious acts of violence against women.

One of the main cases is the one that occurred in Gijón, where a 13-year-old girl was attacked while close to her family. Upon being rushed to hospital, they were met with news that she had been injected with a noxious substance known as ecstasy.

Yet another case that was disclosed in an interview with RT. SEE News It was that of the girl who was dancing when a member of a group of five or six boys hit her shoulder, while a second man hit her head-on and when he ran into another, he felt a prick in his arm. After five minutes, the woman felt her body listless, with possible low blood glucose.

This type of event has been denounced in the communities of Valencia, Andalusia and Asturias, in nightclubs or entertainment centers. However, the Civil Guard has not confirmed that these types of attacks result in sexual abuse or theft of belongings, but their purpose is completely unknown.

After receiving the complaints, the Government of Spain operates a protocol in conjunction with the departments of Health, Security and Justice. For its part, the Extremadura Health Service has issued a health alert to inform professionals and citizens how to act when faced with punctures that they consider to be an emerging problem.

It is worth mentioning that last year this type of aggression was recorded in France, England, Belgium and the Netherlands, with the same mode of operation, puncturing only women at festivals or massive events, causing them to leave the place.

In the end, Pilar Llop declared, what they are causing with “these depraved activities” is that women leave public places, leisure spaces, games and parties.

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