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Attica Group issues the 13th Responsible and Sustainable Development Report

True to its principles of transparency and accountability, Attica Group has published the 13th Report on Responsible and Sustainable Development.

The Responsible and Sustainable Development Report of the Attica Group:

* Refers to all the activities of the Group in the Eastern Mediterranean during the period 1/1 / 2021-31 / 12/2021

* Follows the international guidelines GRI Standards (version 2021) of the Global Reporting Initiative (which were first implemented by Attica Group in the global passenger shipping industry)

* Incorporates ESG structure and presents in detail the matching of its content in terms of:

– The 10 Principles of the UN Universal Pact
– The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
– The International Directives ISO 26000
– The ESDA Instructions of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange
– The Instructions of the revised Information Disclosure Guide ESG 2022 of the Athens Stock Exchange
– The TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) Recommendations for the first time

* Tested and certified for 31 major quantitative indicators by audit firm Grant Thornton

* Reports 93 GRI publications and 270 quantitative indicators (from 255 last year), while also including 55 future targets

Among other things, the Group in the year 2021:

* Distributed almost € 426 million in economic value:
– € 87.3 million to employees (for salaries, benefits and insurance contributions)
– € 56.8 million in taxes (including VAT and port fees)
– € 19.2 million to capital providers (for interest and interest payments)
– € 19.2 million to agents (for supplies)
– € 194 million to suppliers (for purchases of goods and services)
– € 1.6 million to society (for discounted tickets, social programs, sponsorships and donations) and
– € 47.9 million in investments

* Has designed 97.4% of its facilities and ships in areas with access by people with disabilities

* Informed 100% of its employees about environmental protection issues

* Has defined Responsibility as 1 of the 6 evaluation criteria of all office workers

* Train (at least once) 70.8% and 12% of office workers and ships respectively on skills and skills development

* Increased by 16.6% the total value of social support programs implemented or supported

* Implemented or supported 130 social support programs in all the islands in which it operates

* Allocated 87.3% of total procurement costs to domestic suppliers and 18.6% to small and medium suppliers (companies with up to 50 employees)

* Has disclosed the Regulation of Ethics & Professional Behavior and the Regulation of Combating Corruption of the Group to 100% of the employees in the offices

* Triple the number of employees who participated in voluntary activities and twenty times the number of volunteering hours

* Continued the voluntary blood donation program, having achieved the collection of 169 units of blood in the last three years

* Increased by 5.9% the number of quantitative indicators published in the Report

Referring to the Report of Attica Group, the CEO of the Group, Mr. Spyridon Paschalis, pointed out: Responsible and Sustainable Development: We have stepped up security measures to protect the health of our passengers and employees, as the pandemic has reminded us that well-prepared companies can immediately plan and implement the required changes to cope with the challenges. .

An important event for 2021 was the approval of our new Strategy & Plan for Responsible and Sustainable Development 2021-2023, where we set as a demanding and realistic goal our overall improvement by 13%, after the 28% improvement we achieved in the previous cycle 2018-2020.

Due to our strong corporate culture distinguished by the “One Group, One Crew” philosophy, we can overcome the difficult market conditions and look to the future with optimism, despite the new geopolitical and environmental challenges that have emerged and the consequences. those we will be called upon to face. ”

Attica Group is active in passenger shipping through SUPERFAST FERRIES, BLUE STAR FERRIES, HELLENIC SEAWAYS and AFRICA MOROCCO LINK with a total of 31 ships offering modern, high quality transport services in Greece and abroad. The ships of its fleet travel to 4 countries, to 60 unique destinations, approaching 71 ports, carrying over 7 million passengers, 1 million private cars. vehicles and 400,000 trucks per year.

The Responsible and Sustainable Development Report 2021 is available in the right column “Related Archives”.

Source: Capital

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