Attica Group received the newly built catamaran Aero 1 Highspeed

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The receipt of the newly built catamaran Aero 1 Highspeed that was built at the Brødrene Aa shipyards in Norway was announced by Attica Group, a member of the Marfin Investment Group.

The Aero 1 Highspeed is the first of the order of three (3) state-of-the-art Aero Catamaran type ships, which will be launched on the lines of the Saronic Gulf, replacing the Group’s older technology ships in the specific destinations.

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The total cost of the investment amounts to 21 million euros and will be covered by equity and bank lending.

The new, state-of-the-art and modern aesthetic ships have been designed with innovative features that fully upgrade the services offered, providing the over 3 million passengers who travel annually on the Argosaronikos lines, a new and unique travel experience. With their launch, the transport capacity for the destinations of the Saronic Gulf will increase, thus creating the conditions for the further economic development of the islands and the local communities.

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The ship has a maximum speed of 32.2 knots at full load, a total length of 36 meters, a width of 9.7 meters and a carrying capacity of 150 passengers, while the interior layout and overall innovative design aims to offer the passenger a high level of comfort and services. . Indicative:

– comfortable travel even in high tide conditions, ensured by innovations in both the hull and the navigation systems,

– spacious passenger accommodation with large windows for full view and plenty of natural light,

– luggage storage above the seats but also in specially designed areas,

– special care to facilitate passengers with limited mobility,

– space for transporting bicycles,

– high standard space for transporting pets.

Attica Group’s investment in Aero Catamaran type ships contributes significantly to reducing the environmental footprint and the gradual transition to a greener and more sustainable economy, including through low fuel consumption, reduced emissions due to lighter construction material / carbon fiber) as well as the installation of photovoltaic units (solar panels), which will cover the lighting and electrification needs of the hotel services of ships.

Upon receiving the new AERO 1 Highspeed, the CEO of the Attica Group, Mr. Spyros Paschalis, stated: “In a difficult economic period, investing in the new, innovative, AERO Catamaran, supports the Attica Group’s continuous effort to offer a high level transport services with modern, new, fast ships, more environmentally friendly and contribute through tourism, to the development of our islands for the benefit of its inhabitants and visitors ”.

The Managing Director of Brødrene Aa, Mr. Tor Øyvin Aa, said: “We are very happy and proud that our ships will soon sail in the demanding Greek seas and we are trusted by one of the largest European groups, which is active in passenger shipping. It is the first ship of our new AERO philosophy with aerodynamic and energy efficient design, accompanied by the light construction of carbon fiber ”.

Attica Group is active in passenger shipping through SUPERFAST FERRIES, BLUE STAR FERRIES, HELLENIC SEAWAYS and AFRICA MOROCCO LINK with a total of 32 ships offering modern, high quality transport services in Greece and abroad. The ships of its fleet travel to 4 countries, to 60 unique destinations, approaching 71 ports, carrying over 7 million passengers, 1 million private cars. vehicles and 400,000 trucks per year.

Brødrene Aa is a world leader in the construction of carbon fiber ships and since 2002 has built more than 70 passenger ships. The yard combines the highly efficient design of the ship’s hull with the use of the lightest carbon fiber / carbon fiber construction material. By building the most energy efficient ships on the market, shipyard customers benefit from lower fuel costs, lower greenhouse gas emissions and lower maintenance costs.

Source: Capital

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