Attiko Metro: The next steps after the installation of the construction site in Exarchia

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Yesterday Attiko Metro proceeded with the construction site fencing at the Exarchia station for the new line 4 of the Athens Metro as had written. For the creation of a station in Exarchia square, there were reactions from some residents of the area, as they consider that “the metro station in Exarchia square is a disaster for the square and the neighborhood, as well as the wider plans for tourism and changing the character of Exarchia”.

However, the government insisted from the first moment that it is not going to back down on the construction of the station, while regarding the siting of the station in another part of the area and not in the Exarchia square, sources close to Attiko Metro emphasized that the siting has been done by the 2017 and such a change cannot be made. Also, this eventuality would lead to the cancellation of the project contract.

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What now remains is to complete the construction site at the “Evangelismos” station in Rizari square where he will complete the occupation of all the necessary spaces for the construction of the first phase of line 4 from Alsos Veikou to Goudi.

According to the schedule, in the autumn when the construction of the well next to the 401 General Military Hospital will be completed, the new state-of-the-art TBMs (metropontics), which are being manufactured in Germany in the meantime, will have arrived. One metropontika will start from the well of Katehaki, the second from the well of Veikou and they will “meet” in Evangelismos.

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These are the most modern machines, which ensure zero discomfort. The construction site from autumn will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but now underground, without disturbing, so that at the beginning of 2023 the first tunnel meters have already been opened.

With Line 4, citizens will go from Goudi to Kypseli in 13 minutes and from Alsos Veikou to Exarchia in 7 minutes.

But the new Line will bring many innovations, among which stands out the installation of metal cabinets with locks (lockers) for receiving electronic orders.

Also with the new wires that will be used on the new Line 4 as well as the telematics systems, passengers on the platforms will be informed about the occupancy of each carriage with passengers on the next train that will arrive.

This will be done with a special system on the trains that will actually weigh the passengers in each carriage to calculate its occupancy.

Finally, with a new system, Attiko Metro will enable the trains to generate energy by braking and whatever energy is not consumed by other trains will return as new energy to the PPC electricity network.

Source: Capital

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