Audi, between wellness and cooking: the Live Webinar for a more sustainable lifestyle

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On the one hand the importance of breathing and the techniques for empty your mind, on the other the need for healthy eating and – above all – aware. The holistic coach Johanna Maggy and the starred chef Riccardo Gaspari they are the protagonists of the new Live Webinar created by Audi, «Ideas for a more sustainable lifestyle» (available on, made in the breathtaking setting of Cortina within the appointments Audi Talks.

Body and mind, therefore, guided by a single thread: nature. “It is the enchanted portal to the most beautiful destination», Johanna explains,« because reconnecting with the environment means reconnect with themselves“. «Respecting the times helps us to face our daily life in a different way for improve it»Replies Riccardo. “That’s why I cook in my restaurant (the SanBrite, ed) is heavily based on seasons».

A cuisine that defines «regenerative»:« Let’s put it on the table what we produce. Every element of our supply chain moves in a way circular and constant», He adds as he prepares, in the middle of the woods, a risotto spaghetti with mountain pine flavored oil, chopped juniper and larch lichen. “These are the smells I grew up with, are my memories. So, serving them to the guests, I also tell the territory».

On the other hand he, the Curtain, is born and raised: «As a boy I wanted to do it skier, I didn’t know how to cook not even an eggHe laughs, throwing a glance at his partner, with whom he has become passionate about catering. “I used to work on the farm with my parents, I know the value of a certain type of supply chain. My advice, for those staying in the city, is to visit similar realities, outside the inhabited centers, and buy the products there ».

Johanna, Icelandic of origin but citizen of the world, she nods. «I have lived many years in New York, now I live in Milano, I know how much the choices we make – even about food – affect our well-being», He says while showing his favorite superfoods: broccoli, avocado, blueberries, ginger e Chia seeds. «We are what we eat. But the discourse is much broader, it concerns the take care of yourself. And it takes very little ».

A little bit of training, stretching, focus on the breath: «Already with an hour a day we feel it the benefits», Concludes the pilates teacher, while on the snow Dolomiti shows some exercises within everyone’s reach. “I have clients of all ages, I did it even when I was a victim of in the United States a serious incident. I was stuck in bed, just moving my fingers: in a way saved my life».

In conclusion, the Audi workshop – analyzing the link between wellness and gastronomy – demonstrates how the conception of the future must necessarily pass from one greater environmental awareness. From thoughtful choices that make up for it the man in the center, respecting the cycles of nature. From an innovation that does not destroy tradition, but supports it with green technology. Because today, perhaps more than in any other era, ideas are needed.

Ideas – in fact – for a more lifestyle sustainable.

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