Audi Re-generate Lives: the opportunities of technological progress

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Product: the product is you. Who does not want to work in a company or in a big city for a habitat more congenial to him, must understand that the product of the 21st century is himself, what he knows and what he can do. You need to think carefully about what skills you have or what you want to acquire because it will be all he will have: a universe of possibilities. Place: with technology it doesn’t matter where you are, but how and with whom you work. The “with whom” counts a lot, because in the end it is the people the individual surrounds himself with who will help him and stimulate him to achieve certain goals. Price: do not rush. The important thing is to leave. To start. Kick off. As a freelancer, it will often happen that you give up some money to learn how to do something new. You have to know how to wait and grow in the reality you believe in. Promotion: no personal brand no party. Acting as a freelancer and living in a certain place is feasible, but the important thing is to put your face to it. On social media, people want the person. The individual himself must be the face of his business. Digital offers many possibilities, but to go and get them you shouldn’t be afraid to expose yourself. A little trick to use in social networks? Also talk about the own little failuresSometimes it can be even better than talking about your successes.

The value of slowness

From the host of the talk Re-generate Lives from which one should expect a panegyric of speed, instead comes the desire to tell today’s generations how beautiful and how healthy is value of slowness. Yes, because second Fabrizio Longo, Audi Italia director, speed consumes us also because of a technology that is often misused, especially if it does not respond to ethics. Not surprisingly, several Audi communications projects related to the mountain world they go precisely in this direction. A journey that recounts strong, almost arcane values ​​capable of infecting those who today are stuck in the gear of frighteningly fast. A speed that no one had ever witnessed, especially in the transformation of an idea in concrete benefit. Today, five years of technological development in the field automotive they can actually return benefits in a time span of less than half the time we used to think about fifteen years ago. In the next ten years we will have solutions that can currently be considered truly futuristic and utopian. In reality, the technology is readybut almost always the ecosystem that has to adopt it is not: see legislation, insurance and infrastructure.

Fabrizio Longo, director of Audi Italia, together with the guys from WeGeneration

Marco De Ponti

A technology that is attentive to the environment and above all to man. The paradigm with which cars are being designed is changing. The classic style wants that we start from the outside and then get the inside. Today is the reverse. The new mobility, thanks to the combination of electric traction And autonomous drivingis opening up an infinite playground to designers. It starts with the interior designwith cars that become gods lounge. He disappears the dashboard, the pedals, the steering wheel. The commands are not seen because they are activated with the eye. In these health bubbles, the relationship between man and technology is once again for the benefit of man. A technology, such as autonomous driving, that protects the individual; it integrates with the urban system because it is able to talk to other cars, traffic lights, park alone and recharge alone. Technology – if well conveyed – can become a return of advantages that are no longer technological, but social because we are talking about safety and comfort. But the relationship of people with the machine also changes. Young people approach the car differently from previous generations. So no interest in ownership, but yes in renting as a solution of maximum freedom to use it only when and how much you want with particular attention to the environment. With the same number of cars that emit zero, young people will go to see the identity card what has actually been done in the way those cars are produced. This will be the real watershed. Here is the story of the new mobility of Audi in which thetechnical evolution And stylistic they are never an end in themselves, but aimed at the development of real solutions. Solutions that, in the field of lighting technology – of which Audi has been a pioneer since the dawn of the brand – translate into responses to both individual and collective safety needs.

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